2 Things Alibaba Can Provide (Often Unknown)

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So I got some pretty cool news. People are always seeking packaging suppliers and freight forwarders for their importing needs, well guess what? You can find these bad boys on Alibaba too!

shippingAlibaba has an array of suppliers that don’t only include physical products, but services too. Search “freight forwarder” or “shipping.” You can easily find suppliers and get a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for shipping for air and for sea and from different locations/ports (and yes, there are U.S. freight forwarders there too).

Now as far as packaging goes, you name it, you’ll likely be able to find it. From special boxes to ship your item, to labels, or maybe you need plastic enclosing that snugly fits around your item, yep, they got that too!

Alibaba is not just for hunting down what you want to sell, but getting what you sell to sell better and/or faster…possibly even less expensively 🙂





3 thoughts on “2 Things Alibaba Can Provide (Often Unknown)

  1. For you Polo it is my absolute pleasure!! Sorry for the delay, I took a trip out of town and I’m playing catch up as we speak!

  2. Hey Ry,

    This is a great tip, thanks! Am starting at the beginning of your journey back in January to follow your progress. Some very useful information here. 🙂


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