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Contest Winner & Final Feb Sales

Okay so I went back and looked at my contest rules…I said Feb 28th midnight, when I should have said March 1 midnight, but rules are rules so as of 12AM EST 2-28 here’s what I did…

[Find original contest rules at]


So why the deduction? I ran a promo for product number 2 and that of course wasn’t a part of what info I gave others to help them decide on my sales estimates for the contest, so it gets deducted to be fair.

So I will be tagging the winner in a Facebook post shortly, that Amazon gift card is on it’s way!!


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Episode 4: Maximizing Reviews


Need more reviews or do you need to maximize reviews you already have? Join me in Episode 4 as I discuss:

  • How to automate your avalanche of reviews
  • Stealth tactic to turning one positive review into two
  • The best way to use the power of video to increase conversions from visitors to buyers
  • What go-to services/sources can have you 100+ reviews richer in no time flat
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How To Evaluate Competition

Want to know what you’re getting into before you invest in your private label product (duh! Of course, Ry)? Okay dumb question, so here’s how I do it.

1. I determine the search results in ALL categories.

2. I see what kinds of imagery both visual and textual listings have to offer.

3. I check out the reviews and ask myself how realistic is getting more reviews than the top listing(s).

4. Leave me a comment below so I can know how ya like 1, 2, & 3. Step 4 is super important! lol

Super simple 🙂 Check out the video for more details & don’t forget to subscribe to the right for more cool tips, tricks, and live Hangout sessions:

Episode 3: Boosting Sales


Could you or someone you know use more sales (jumps out of seat to raise hand!!)? Join me in Episode 3 as I discuss:

  • The proven simple PPC method to maximize profits
  • Stealth tactic to have you appear in search for top brand names
  • The best “old school” way to set yourself apart from competitors
  • What your product listing must have to instantly increase sale conversions
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Episode 2: How To Choose PL Products


Awesome day to come up with some private label ideas isn’t it? Join me in Episode 2 as I discuss:

  • The ideal product weight to maximize profits
  • Share why keywords are important to your success
  • The 2 ways to instantly set yourself apart from competitors
  • What products with certain BSR levels you should avoid
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Episode 1: Intro


In my first podcast (please forgive the quality), I briefly share with you who I am and what I hope you’ll gain from my podcast:

  • My counterfeit days (yep, I bent and broke some rules in my teens and early 20s)
  • How I began my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 6
  • Why I’ll never forget my first lesson in competition. Hint, it involves high school, candy, and me never reducing my price of goods
  • And more…

Latest Sales Since Being Back In Stock (Feb)

Guess who’s back in stock (points to self and smiles)??

It’s been what seems like forever but I’ve finally gotten back into stock as of Jan. 30th.

incomeHere are sales from that date, so about 4 days. At this rate, I should do close to $5K, if not more in February. Why more? Because, I’m averaging about 5 sales per day now, but as I sell more and my ranking increases, sales should too.

So here’s what I’ll do to add a little fun. I will give the person who comments with the closest sales estimate for Feb. 28th 12PM EST a $75 Amazon gift card.

So subscribe to the blog to the right for updates and stay tuned for my final update and announcement of the winner.

To win:

*Must have a valid email to receive Amazon gift card
*Must comment below via Facebook or WordPress
*Must comment dollar amount in sales.
*Only 1 comment per entry per person (ask a friend to comment on your behalf)