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How Long To A Launch Product?

People ask me all the time, “How long does it take to get going on Amazon?” The honest answer is…it varies.

With myself…being aggressive, I was able to get a product up and selling organically in about 3 months. HOWEVER, I worked everyday, literally stayed up to 3 or sometimes 5 A.M. some nights to talk to suppliers and complete tasks.product_launch

I am confident (ok, maybe at this point cocky) that with extreme dedication, no part time job, and no life that I could complete a launch in 2 months, but in no way am I eager to confirm that.

Below you’ll find a time line for my first product:

Product 1 (note my second product took longer. A mold had to be created and I had to go through a prototype verification so this process can certainly be longer than what I’m about to share):

A. Research: 1 week
B. Finding a supplier then ordering samples: 3 days.
C. Waiting for samples: 1 week
D. Selling on other platforms to verify product is wanted: 1 week (not necessary if other validation method is in place)
E. Small bulk order: Lead time: 20 days and air shipping: 5 days
F. Self evaluation and shipping to FBA: 2 days
G. FBA shipping & processed inventory: 6 days

**From start to finish approx. 57 days

Now again, I was a bit aggressive, if it takes you longer (or shorter) it doesn’t mean you’re behind (or ahead) or necessarily doing anything wrong. There are many factors that can and will contribute to the speed of your launch. I’m single (kinda), I have no kids, no pets, and I work part time versus full time. I am not in school anymore and I stay up late from time to time. Now, a person with 3 kids, a spouse, and a full time job may not do it as fast as me…or may do it even faster due to their motivation (a family can do that to you).

Just keep in mind that the possibilities are endless and just because your journey doesn’t match up with the next guy’s or gal’s doesn’t mean your any more or less likely to succeed and eventually totally dominate Amazon in your niche 🙂

Episode 9: Personal Update & New Amazon Challenges


podcast cover

I’ve gone MIA (missing in action), but I haven’t forgotten ya. Allow me to get personal with you as I share with you my family challenges as well as new challenges within my Amazon business and how I intend to solve them. In Episode 9 I discuss:

  • My game plan for my sudden flood of negative reviews on my best seller
  • The truth about why I’ve been MIA
  • A sneak peek into what the upcoming podcast will possess
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