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Episode 25: Answers to Newbie Questions


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Have specific questions/concerns? Comment below or hit the tab to the right and leave a voice message and I’ll do my best to address it in a podcast.

Long time no speak, I know mostly my fault, but I promise I haven’t forgotten you. For the next 11 minutes I want to address specific questions asked by those just getting started, so join me in Episode 25 as I  discuss:

  • Running PPC with no sales or feedback
  • Giving away products versus keeping sales all organic
  • Why competition is GOOD and why it’s likely less than you see
  • How I’m using my import knowledge to expand beyond Amazon
  • And more!!
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Pretty Product Packaging, Prettier Profits

I’m going to share a short story with you (it has a point/purpose, I promise) and I’m going to show you via the video below how to adapt.

money clipI’m a huge crowdfunding support via Kickstarter. I just love the thought of people building products that are helpful, savvy, or just plain cool. This year I funded a leather money clip (see image to side) and it ran me about $25 with shipping. It’s a great product, wonderful quality, but us importers know we could easily have created this ourselves for less than $5.

What made the money clip pop even more was the packaging. I got a nice little stamped/engraved box with foam protection inside that made me feel like a premium customer with an even more premium product. The creators of this money clip have created an experience and an awesome first time impression! So do I feel like it was worth my $25…absolutely! Secretly I wanted to open my packaging twice LOL

**View original Kickstarter campaign earning over $45K by clicking HERE

4 Minutes to Inexpensive Product Packaging w/ Style