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8 Ways To Make You Look Like a Huge Biz

Okay so maybe not huge, but big. Like a “real biz.” A lot of us are operating out our home, but no need for any of our customers to know that and possible deem us any less valuable. So here are 8 ways to make yourself look like a big bad business worthy of others’ hard earned moolah!

8001. 800#, can make it possible for less than $10 and guess what? You can forward calls to your cell (or home phone)

2. Get a domain (web address) and start using your email via the domain… vs

3. Phone greeting, you can get a great greeting on Fiverr, I’ve done it. A professional clean voice with background music (or no music) announcing your company name or brand and asking them to hold while they are connected to a representative (WANT TO APPEAR BIGGER? Use the menu and extension option and simply have calls forward to same number or possibly some to a phone and some directly to a voicemail box)

4. Actually go ahead and incorporate or from a LLC

5. Branding helpful content on your site and shared elsewhere. Photos, informational graphic art, videos, etc. Be sure to post a logo, watermark, etc and if video, introduce the company at the start and end (example, Ryan here from XYZ Company bringing you 10 yoga tips to make life easier…thanks for listening and don’t forget to stay updated for more helpful tips at

team6. Take pics of your team and put it on your site. Take a pic of your office, your warehouse (which may be the corner of your garage), a fun picture of you working (maybe just you packing a box). Get creative and show your customers you are human too and can be trusted to deliver a product that they’ll appreciate

7. On website post “badges of accomplishments.” Did you attend a conference? Grab their logo and post in a section with other logos and title it something like “Who we’ve connected with…” anything that connects you to them and of course keep it honest! Think about those sites that like to post the logos of CNN, ABC, FoxNews, etc when selling a good, you can do the same with other trusted sources you’ve worked with.

test8. Incorporate testimonials in your product/service. Example: On an insert, “5 reasons you’ll love product XYZ as told by 5 of our past customers” then share their comments. If you don’t quite have any, get some product testers and record feedback accordingly (this can be a craigslist ad stating free XYZ in exchange for honest feedback and/or constructive criticism)

Refunds for Returns Test

Latest update as of 4/12 below titled ‘UPDATE 4′

Update as of 4/12. I got reimbursement for $47.40.

Test Day 1

Alrighty so got my hands on Rocket Refunds from Elaine over at where she blogs about her Amazon growth. She has a course called Rocket Refunds and another called Rocket VAS. One details how to find missing money you may have not even noticed was gone (get paid for refunds, destroyed goods, etc) and the other is how to use VAs or virtual assistance to expedite your business growth and manage your biz.

Now to put what she teaches to the test, day 1.

Here’s what I did and day 2 I’ll share results if not on the bottom of this page at time of reading:

I had 5 items that may have qualify for reimbursement since April 2015 (smaller test). I followed Elaine’s step to reaching out to support. Fingers crossed I get me some moolah! Oh and so far the video instructions are simple easy to follow, with my attention span, that’s a huge plus! NOTE: Contacted support in 2 o’ clock hour on March 23rd.

Test Day 2

It’s the 3 o’ clock hour and I’ve heard back nothing 🙁 I put in a new ticket with a new concern of mine regarding a possible refund adjustment. Fingers crossed one of my tickets gets answered and results in a refund.

At 5:46 I got an email from Amazon, yay regarding first inquiry. Basically they told me what they wouldn’t refund, but asked me to allow the time to research the rest of my concerns. This was one of the smaller test that would result in me getting reimbursed for 5 items. So far, 1 declined and 1 I must wait a certain time frame before disputing (which Elaine said…I just neglected to listen).

Test Day 3

Got me a follow up email, seems the case was escalated or transferred and now I’m asked for a bit more specific details regarding 27 items I’d like money back for, but no worries, I have a report with all the details the need. I replied at 5:46PM EST (Note I was out and they responded earlier in the day at 12:42PM)

UPDATE 1…5 units will be reimbursed in the form of cash to my account, yay! Got the email Sunday 3/27 at 4:41PM

UPDATE 2…2nd message was a money maker y’all check out the response (it’s a bit blurry, sorry but $179 is mine!!):


UPDATE 3…Haven’t sent anymore messages to Amazon though there are a good 5-6 methods to attack. Now Amazon has replied saying that they have already reimbursed me for some things (I’ll just take their word). Today and maybe the other day I got me some more money. Today $48.47!


UPDATE 4…Got the confirmation email that I’ll be getting back $47.40, woot woot! Being told the massive amount of goods I thought I may be reimbursed was already returned back to my inventory 🙁 Well there goes my huge payday, but for now I’ll take my $47.40.

47 40


Episode 30: Refunds From Amazon, International Sales, & Better Management


podcast cover

Interested in some 1-on-1 attention? Hit the ‘Contact’ tab above, let’s see how I can personally see to it that you’re successful in your Amazon business.

Greetings! I interviewed Elaine Heney from and Elaine gave us pure gold in episode 30 revealing:

  • One of the many ways she gets reimbursed by Amazon saving her over $6,000 to date
  • The simple way to increase earnings up to 50% by going international and saving while doing so
  • How she uses virtual assistants to maximize her Amazon efforts inexpensively
  • Her agony w/ product giveaways & how she ended it once and for all & still ranks
  • And oh so much more!!

Learn more about Elaine Heney at her website listed above. To take back all Amazon may owe you, visit and to save more time and headache when building your business on Amazon check out

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Let’s Chat March 17

All day 3/17/2016 I’m going to be on Snapchat sharing my adventures at The Pet Expo in Orlando AND I will be answering your questions you snap me. You can ask via text or a video and I’ll respond. Ask anything importing or Amazon related. ONLY 3/17.

Snap user is FBARyan


Add me and send your questions March 17th regarding importing and Amazon.

Taking Advantage of ALL & ANY Conference You Attend

You’ve spent money on admission, a speedy flight, and a cozy hotel room. Now see to it that your investment is made a true asset to your biz. Join me as I cover tips, tricks, suggestions, and hacks to making the most out of ANY conference or event you attend this year!


The video below covers tips to lower your travel costs, hacks to revolutionize the way you present your business cards (kiss those old mundane cardboard rectangles goodbye), and how to make new contacts. Get rid of all distractions, because I’m about to blow your mind (Well maybe…maybe your mind will stay in place, but at least I hope I get the wheels of creativity going)!

12 Minutes of Massive Tips, Suggestions, and Hacks for Attending Conferences

Episode 29: Taking Advantage of Conferences


podcast cover

Interested in some 1-on-1 attention? Hit the ‘Contact’ tab above, let’s see how I can personally see to it that you’re successful in your Amazon business.

Howdy! I got to interview Travis Ross, the host of the Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference in Denver, CO.  Travis holds nothing back as he unshells golden nuggets in episode 29 Such as:

  • How to take advantage of ANY conference or event you attend & STAY MOTIVATED
    after you leave
  • The #1 reason why it is NOT too late to get started with Amazon
  • 6 reasons you’ll want to attend and take full advantage of each speaker and
    expert panel
  • What Denver, CO has to offer (besides beer and beautiful scenery)
  • And tons more!!
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Episode 28: Creativity in Your Amazon Education


podcast cover

Interested in some 1-on-1 attention? Hit the ‘Contact’ tab above, let’s see how I can personally see to it that you’re successful in your Amazon business.

I apologize in advance for any poor quality (promise the content is golden), I did this in the heat of the night running on 3 hours of sleep on a microphone I’m sure needs to be replaced LOL

Howdy! It’s been a while I know, but boy do I have things to share with you! I’m about to reveal some creative ways to test product ideas “for the low,”  get A1 training and education for little to nothing (monetary value), and give you inside secrets to getting help from the gurus. So turn your speakers up as I release episode 28 discussing:

  • How I leveraged others to get my first $4K training course
  • Ways to significantly reduce your cost to attend live conferences
  • The fast, cheap way to test products and remain on top if it’s a winner
  • Overcoming the “Ran Out of Stock Blues”
  • And more!!
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