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China Closed – What to Do in Mean Time

Now What?

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I got asked this all this week with the Chinese New Year
practically here. If you didn’t prep and get stock to last you
not only during the period but also enough time to cover your
lead time once they do return, don’t worry, now is the perfect
time to consider some of the following:

1. Research! Maybe you missed your chance to replenish or even
start your PL product, but now is a great time with no loss of
any kind to research and validate your PL ideas

2. RA – Personally, I’m not a fan, shopping gives me a great
bit of anxiety, (though many have offered to shop with me in
the event I panic in the aisle 6), but it’s a great way to make
your money work for you and put you in a better position to
place your bulk PL product(s)

3. Test! Test your ideas with non branded items you can buy
wholesale or in lots off eBay. If it is branded, try your luck
at not STATING THE BRAND IN YOUR LISTING and seeing how it
sales (if you’re going to do this, do not, I repeat, do not
piggyback, not that I suggest piggybacking at all, but
especially not in this case)

4. Bundle your products with well known brands and nonbranded
items to see if the leverage proves profitable

5. Get legit! Register your LLC or C/S Corp. Get an EIN/TIN, bank account, etc.

6. Get a hobby!! Yep, not kidding, in my spare time I make
music and guess what I had to MAKE THE SPARE TIME (guess it’s
not really spare then huh?) but ironically remember it can’t
always be about business, or private labeling, or Amazon has
actually increased the results of all the efforts I make

7. Consider selling items not requiring importing. I am testing out short reads/stories in erotica. I have never sold a Kindle book in my life, but after finding out how similar the research process is to that of PL, I’m finding myself more and more confident about giving it a go. I’m even 2/3 with my raunchy book, go me!

So there ya go, 7 things I would be honored for you to consider as the Chinese celebrate the new year. Oops, almost forgot. CONSIDER IMPORTING FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! India and a few places in Europe are my fav! Check them out same as you would any other supplier and see what gold you can dig up while others wait for the Chinese holiday to end.

Hope you enjoyed and are motivated to take action. Please share this with someone you feel would find it helpful.