4 Things To Check-off Your List When Doing Product Research


So today I bring you a video that details 4 things I do my best to never neglect when doing product research & below the video is an overview 🙂

1. Exploring the frequently bought together data Amazon so willingly gives

2. Expanding your search into brand and seller profiles to see what other hot sellers may be worth a look. What wise seller stops at just one hot product??

3. Searching the best sellers of subcategories can be a gold mine of information and potential winners….don’t limit yourself to the top 100 in the main category!

4. Jungle Scout is a Google add-on I’ve used for a few months now to not only validate potential products, but get ideas for similar products that hadn’t even crossed my mind. It’s certainly an asset to my research and you can learn more at http://junglescout.com

screenshotOkay so there you have it…my 4 pillars of product research and beyond. Hope it’s been of help. Comment below and don’t forget to share!




5 thoughts on “4 Things To Check-off Your List When Doing Product Research

  1. Hello!

    I found your post from the StartupBros FB group and I wanted to reach out because I am so lost haha!

    I am doing research and just dont know which item to pull the trigger on. Can I ask for some advice when you just started doing this please!


  2. Ask away, sorry for delay in response. I’m recovering from a surgery so I have some time on my hands. Also feel free to PM me via Facebook.

  3. Hi
    you seem to find lots of uncompetitive products in facebook group and wondered what methods you find most useful in locating them….I’ve struggled long time (6months) just getting a product that had margins and was saturated and decent supplier.

  4. No real methods, I just don’t go beyond digger deeper unless the search results for the product are low and within my “comfort zone” if product gets 120K results for it’s main keywords, I move on. It’s one of the first things I do so I don’t waste time.

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