8 Ways To Make You Look Like a Huge Biz

Okay so maybe not huge, but big. Like a “real biz.” A lot of us are operating out our home, but no need for any of our customers to know that and possible deem us any less valuable. So here are 8 ways to make yourself look like a big bad business worthy of others’ hard earned moolah!

8001. 800#, phone.com can make it possible for less than $10 and guess what? You can forward calls to your cell (or home phone)

2. Get a domain (web address) and start using your email via the domain…john@domain.com vs ryaniscool@gmail.com

3. Phone greeting, you can get a great greeting on Fiverr, I’ve done it. A professional clean voice with background music (or no music) announcing your company name or brand and asking them to hold while they are connected to a representative (WANT TO APPEAR BIGGER? Use the menu and extension option and simply have calls forward to same number or possibly some to a phone and some directly to a voicemail box)

4. Actually go ahead and incorporate or from a LLC

5. Branding helpful content on your site and shared elsewhere. Photos, informational graphic art, videos, etc. Be sure to post a logo, watermark, etc and if video, introduce the company at the start and end (example, Ryan here from XYZ Company bringing you 10 yoga tips to make life easier…thanks for listening and don’t forget to stay updated for more helpful tips at XYZCompany.com)

team6. Take pics of your team and put it on your site. Take a pic of your office, your warehouse (which may be the corner of your garage), a fun picture of you working (maybe just you packing a box). Get creative and show your customers you are human too and can be trusted to deliver a product that they’ll appreciate

7. On website post “badges of accomplishments.” Did you attend a conference? Grab their logo and post in a section with other logos and title it something like “Who we’ve connected with…” anything that connects you to them and of course keep it honest! Think about those sites that like to post the logos of CNN, ABC, FoxNews, etc when selling a good, you can do the same with other trusted sources you’ve worked with.

test8. Incorporate testimonials in your product/service. Example: On an insert, “5 reasons you’ll love product XYZ as told by 5 of our past customers” then share their comments. If you don’t quite have any, get some product testers and record feedback accordingly (this can be a craigslist ad stating free XYZ in exchange for honest feedback and/or constructive criticism)



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