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Product Idea Give-A-Way

Okay so you’re selling on Amazon and need a new product idea or maybe you haven’t begun to sell on Amazon due to lack of a product idea. Either way here is your chance to win one…low competition and tons of profit margin. All you have to do is comment with your favorite place to eat and your favorite dish to get there. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday 9PM EST 2-24, that simple. So comment below for your chance to win 🙂

coachingWant me to coach you through your own Amazon journey? How about share with you my resources to finding products that will sell with little effort? Do you need sourcing tips beyond that of searching on Alibaba? Well look no further! I have 2 coaching spots available. Hit the contact tab at the top to learn more about what I can do for you along with my amazing guarantee to your success.


What To Do When You Can’t Find Manufacture

Finding the right product can be a pain in itself, but when you do find the love of your business life, but struggle to find a place to source it, it can bring a new uneasy challenge to the mix. Give me 5 minutes via the video below to explain how I surpass this hurdle and find the product of my dreams.

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Pretty Product Packaging, Prettier Profits

I’m going to share a short story with you (it has a point/purpose, I promise) and I’m going to show you via the video below how to adapt.

money clipI’m a huge crowdfunding support via Kickstarter. I just love the thought of people building products that are helpful, savvy, or just plain cool. This year I funded a leather money clip (see image to side) and it ran me about $25 with shipping. It’s a great product, wonderful quality, but us importers know we could easily have created this ourselves for less than $5.

What made the money clip pop even more was the packaging. I got a nice little stamped/engraved box with foam protection inside that made me feel like a premium customer with an even more premium product. The creators of this money clip have created an experience and an awesome first time impression! So do I feel like it was worth my $25…absolutely! Secretly I wanted to open my packaging twice LOL

**View original Kickstarter campaign earning over $45K by clicking HERE

4 Minutes to Inexpensive Product Packaging w/ Style

What are conferences missing?


I’m doing a little research (not product research for once) and I’m interested to know what are all these importing and Amazon FBA conferences missing? I am traveling all this and next month and I’ll be treating sellers to coffee in various cities, so I thought, what if I could just have one central place for us all to meet (about 10-12 of us).

So I am strongly considering holding a weekend live hangout and I’m interested to know what would YOU like to get out of a weekend with me and some other sellers who are seeing some success? Comment below 🙂


YouTube for Product Ideas [Video]

youtubeAhhh, YouTube…delivering valuable content whether it be education or entertainment since 2005, gotta love them. Here’s one huge reason why you should love them; YouTube is an excellent source for product ideas. Watch the video below as I come up with about 3 different ideas in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy, leave comments, and share (the more you comment and share the more I know to share more of what I have inside this little head of mine)!


Help! I want to get an Amazon Course

So until recently there was only one course to buy for those wanting to get started on Amazon. Ironically there was and is tons on importing (I’ve been importing for 11 years, I know), but the fascination with importing and private labeling on Amazon is fairly new, which leads many to ask…

Which course is the best for my Amazon and private label training?

To be honest, I say any course that lends the support needed to use the material they share, has a money back guarantee in a fair amount of time you’ll need to evaluate their material, and of course is being instructed by folks actually using and succeeding via Amazon.

Below is a video review of the members area for a course by StartUp Bros called Importing Empire. With this course I did more than $3K in sales my first month of my product going live. THIS COURSE HAS MORE THAN PAID FOR ITSELF. Here’s what I like and dislike about what it has to offer:

Oh and get notified of their next free live training HERE (


Using MerchantWords For Product Ideas

screenshotFor the longest time I was not using MerchantWords…never felt the need for it. I didn’t need to know the search volume of keywords to help validate a product idea, BUT I found the true hidden treasure in it’s ability to help me generate new product ideas. Below the video reveals the simple way I use MerchantWords to generate new product ideas.

How Long To A Launch Product?

People ask me all the time, “How long does it take to get going on Amazon?” The honest answer is…it varies.

With myself…being aggressive, I was able to get a product up and selling organically in about 3 months. HOWEVER, I worked everyday, literally stayed up to 3 or sometimes 5 A.M. some nights to talk to suppliers and complete tasks.product_launch

I am confident (ok, maybe at this point cocky) that with extreme dedication, no part time job, and no life that I could complete a launch in 2 months, but in no way am I eager to confirm that.

Below you’ll find a time line for my first product:

Product 1 (note my second product took longer. A mold had to be created and I had to go through a prototype verification so this process can certainly be longer than what I’m about to share):

A. Research: 1 week
B. Finding a supplier then ordering samples: 3 days.
C. Waiting for samples: 1 week
D. Selling on other platforms to verify product is wanted: 1 week (not necessary if other validation method is in place)
E. Small bulk order: Lead time: 20 days and air shipping: 5 days
F. Self evaluation and shipping to FBA: 2 days
G. FBA shipping & processed inventory: 6 days

**From start to finish approx. 57 days

Now again, I was a bit aggressive, if it takes you longer (or shorter) it doesn’t mean you’re behind (or ahead) or necessarily doing anything wrong. There are many factors that can and will contribute to the speed of your launch. I’m single (kinda), I have no kids, no pets, and I work part time versus full time. I am not in school anymore and I stay up late from time to time. Now, a person with 3 kids, a spouse, and a full time job may not do it as fast as me…or may do it even faster due to their motivation (a family can do that to you).

Just keep in mind that the possibilities are endless and just because your journey doesn’t match up with the next guy’s or gal’s doesn’t mean your any more or less likely to succeed and eventually totally dominate Amazon in your niche 🙂


Do you like to save money? Probably a silly question, so let me just share with you the steps I followed to save $150 this month:

bank1. Amazon charges $0.20 a unit to label, not bad, but when I’m sending 1000 units that $200 can easily go to shipping. So I purchased labels from China at $0.02 a label.

2. Instead of shipping to me (the labels) I had it shipped to my manufacture who agreed to apply each label for $0.03 a unit.

3. In total it cost me $0.05 to have one of my manufacture label my products…now some will do this free. This particular manufacture provides me several variations and I didn’t need a regular UPC bar code, but the FNSKU label, so I was asking for a bit more, though some manufactures may still do this at no charge.

I found the label maker on Alibaba and there are tons of them! You can adapt my method to apply to your packaging too…or stickers. Get creative and get saving!