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Taking Advantage of ALL & ANY Conference You Attend

You’ve spent money on admission, a speedy flight, and a cozy hotel room. Now see to it that your investment is made a true asset to your biz. Join me as I cover tips, tricks, suggestions, and hacks to making the most out of ANY conference or event you attend this year!


The video below covers tips to lower your travel costs, hacks to revolutionize the way you present your business cards (kiss those old mundane cardboard rectangles goodbye), and how to make new contacts. Get rid of all distractions, because I’m about to blow your mind (Well maybe…maybe your mind will stay in place, but at least I hope I get the wheels of creativity going)!

12 Minutes of Massive Tips, Suggestions, and Hacks for Attending Conferences

4 Things To Check-off Your List When Doing Product Research


So today I bring you a video that details 4 things I do my best to never neglect when doing product research & below the video is an overview 🙂

1. Exploring the frequently bought together data Amazon so willingly gives

2. Expanding your search into brand and seller profiles to see what other hot sellers may be worth a look. What wise seller stops at just one hot product??

3. Searching the best sellers of subcategories can be a gold mine of information and potential winners….don’t limit yourself to the top 100 in the main category!

4. Jungle Scout is a Google add-on I’ve used for a few months now to not only validate potential products, but get ideas for similar products that hadn’t even crossed my mind. It’s certainly an asset to my research and you can learn more at

screenshotOkay so there you have it…my 4 pillars of product research and beyond. Hope it’s been of help. Comment below and don’t forget to share!


Quick Start Video Course

Below you’ll find a free video course that is my absolute pleasure to supply to you. Keep in mind 3 things…one, feedback (as in comments) is greatly appreciated, so drop me a line below. Secondly, this course is free, however I am accepting three dollar donations for beer, you’ll find it at the bottom of videos. Donate if you wish, but no hard feelings if you don’t. Lastly, this is not an all-in-one resource. You’ll want to continue your education using various resources. With that being said, enjoy the following videos made with love!


Product Research




Part 1 Supplier Scouting

Part 2 Supplier Scouting




Ordering Samples, Ordering Bulk

Part 1 Posting on Amazon




Part 2 Posting on Amazon





Further Education & Other Resources


Further Education Course Review

Simplify Product Research

Everyone likes to ask me questions regarding private labeling and Amazon, but a few get asked more than others, the big one being, “How do I research a product to sale?”

Well there are tons of ways to do it and you’ll hear a lot of people do it differently, so don’t think one way is the right way. Below I want to show you how I’m using a Google Chrome extension called Jungle Scout to help me quickly and effectively evaluate a product I’m interested in. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment…even if it’s to say “Hi.” 🙂

Find Jungle Scout at (Not an affiliate link)

How To Evaluate Competition

Want to know what you’re getting into before you invest in your private label product (duh! Of course, Ry)? Okay dumb question, so here’s how I do it.

1. I determine the search results in ALL categories.

2. I see what kinds of imagery both visual and textual listings have to offer.

3. I check out the reviews and ask myself how realistic is getting more reviews than the top listing(s).

4. Leave me a comment below so I can know how ya like 1, 2, & 3. Step 4 is super important! lol

Super simple 🙂 Check out the video for more details & don’t forget to subscribe to the right for more cool tips, tricks, and live Hangout sessions: