Choosing An Amazon FBA Course me start by saying it doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to do private labeling or retail arbitrage no one course will guarantee your success and it’s an ongoing learning process. Furthermore, a course or advanced coachingĀ is not NECESSARY! There are tons of free resources out there that can help you succeed. A course(s) is more of a convenient one-stop-shop, and even then sometimes not so one-stop.

I’ve taken about 3 different courses, all costing $1K+ to prepare me for my journey. I won’t name any specific courses, but rather give you some things to consider before joining any one course.

1.) Do they offer a guarantee? Evaluate how realistic the guarantee is for you. Everyone is different. Sometimes a time period works, sometimes it’s a specific outcome that is promised. Whatever the guarantee, make sure it’s something YOU feel is realistic.

2.) Don’t spend money on a course only to have no money for inventory or even worse, your ongoing obligations. Instead consider holding off on the course or going in with a friend…maybe even two that are interested in getting started with Amazon FBA.

3.) Talk to people who have taken the course. Sometimes testimonials will include someone’s website, or full name (look them up on Facebook) where you can reach out and simply share your interest with grabbing the course and would like to know their honest thoughts for someone at your level (whatever that may be) getting started.

4.) Know the breakdown or what it is exactly will you be learning. Not all courses and coaching programs are created equally. One course I got had little to say about product research, whereas another didn’t have much to say about selling internationally.

5.) Know what kind of support you get when you sign up. It’s one thing to have all the right blueprints and tools, but it does little if you’re ever baffled at any point as to what to do with them. Support may include Skype chats, phone calls, Facebook groups, forums, webinars, etc.




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