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Below you’ll find a free video course that is my absolute pleasure to supply to you. Keep in mind 3 things…one, feedback (as in comments) is greatly appreciated, so drop me a line below. Secondly, this course is free, however I am accepting three dollar donations for beer, you’ll find it at the bottom of videos. Donate if you wish, but no hard feelings if you don’t. Lastly, this is not an all-in-one resource. You’ll want to continue your education using various resources. With that being said, enjoy the following videos made with love!


Product Research




Part 1 Supplier Scouting

Part 2 Supplier Scouting




Ordering Samples, Ordering Bulk

Part 1 Posting on Amazon




Part 2 Posting on Amazon





Further Education & Other Resources


Further Education Course Review



8 thoughts on “Quick Start Video Course

  1. Hi Ryan. Saw this course on Reddit and even though I have been doing a lot of reading (preparatory work for launching a PL product), I still learnt something new. Thanks!

  2. Invaluable info here Ryan. Watched all the vids. Straight from the gut, very practical, thorough. Enjoyed your style and appreciate your gift to the community.

  3. Dave I truly thank you for the kind remarks, I certainly hope to bring you more valuable information and aid to your learning but more importantly your Amazon success!

  4. So glad I came across this (also from reddit). Do you have a Facebook group?

    Thanks for all this great information!

  5. Sorry no real group, I just set up a fan page, but not exactly active with it. For now, the blog is my “showcase” lol. Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Yup good and honest videos …

    Thanks a lot Ryan for sharing this. Do you also have any experience in selling Grocery. .as how is this category generate business on Amazon ..any idea on that ??

    Thanks ,

  7. Nope no groceries or consumables yet…to be honest not sure if I’ll ever get in that space. I also don’t do RA at this time, just PL.

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