Episode 1: Intro


In my first podcast (please forgive the quality), I briefly share with you who I am and what I hope you’ll gain from my podcast:

  • My counterfeit days (yep, I bent and broke some rules in my teens and early 20s)
  • How I began my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 6
  • Why I’ll never forget my first lesson in competition. Hint, it involves high school, candy, and me never reducing my price of goods
  • And more…



6 thoughts on “Episode 1: Intro

  1. Hey, got your email about your Andy Slamans webinar, will it be recorded anywhere for those of us in faraway lands in olde worlde timezones like the UK?

  2. Thanks Ry! This podcast was great, you come across as very sincere and genuine. You’re a natural at podcasting, no stumbling over words or pauses, or endless “Umm”‘s. There is a slight hum going on, but other than that the sound quality is great!

  3. Thanks a million Gary, yeah that hum comes when the laptop is plugged in and I’m using my headset, soooo odd. And here’s a secret, I edited out most the ums and uhs, but there were quite a few LOL

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