Episode 10: Before You Get That $4K FBA Course


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I’ve gone MIA (missing in action) while moving, but I haven’t forgotten ya. Allow me to share with you my honest thoughts about Amazon and/or Amazon FBA courses, the cost, the value, and the success and failures. In Episode 10 I share:

  • How I failed with a $4k course
  • How to evaluate a course’s likelihood to help you succeed with your learning style
  • The way to evaluate support BEFORE purchasing the course
  • What I did to get a course I couldn’t afford in full
  • Why you DON’T need any course to succeed
  • And more!!
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5 thoughts on “Episode 10: Before You Get That $4K FBA Course

  1. Thank you so much for your honest opinion. It can be so crazy with all these Amazon courses. I like your suggestions and help

  2. Thanks Jackie and if push comes to shove, put together your own questions and see if you can pay for an hour consultation or if you’re close by where they reside, invite them to lunch. I surely hope you don’t ever stop your education due to not wanting or not being able to buy a course. Courses can be helpful, but they are not necessary!

  3. I was amazed how many affiliate marketeers were pushing this course and shoving the emails down my throat … it simply too much money for what it is.

  4. LOL it is rather pricey. I haven’t gotten it since 2013 so maybe they’ve made some great changes since..not sure. I do know that it isn’t necessary for one’s success.

  5. I think that the ASM course has jumped up to over $5,000 for this intake. Certainly is ‘amazing’!
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your podcast and I agree with the above comment regarding your transparency and honesty, thank you.
    regards, Ann.

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