Episode 14: Partnerships


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UPDATE: There’s still time to win a $30 gift card. Contest ends July 1, 2015

Want a $30 Amazon gift card? How about an easy way to become appealing to potential partners without ever having a product of your own!?  Interested? Then join me in Episode 14 as I share:

  • A very personal update and how Amazon success can transition our lives beyond finances
  • My partnership deal that landed me a residual income without the “work”
  • The Brains & Muscle partnership (it’s nothing like what you think)
  • How to determine the terms of your partnership
  • Why a VERBAL agreement may or may not be enough
  • And so very much more!!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Partnerships

  1. Ryan,
    Interesting to hear about the types of partnerships. Thanks for sharing.
    I’d be interested in winning a free product review 🙂
    Or one of the products you researched, or the $30 amazon card.
    Thanks again for all the work you do putting this on.

  2. Brad there are no current idea give away contest, just the $30 gift card. To enter, just leave a review on iTunes. You have a good chance of winning too, only a few reviews 🙂

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