Episode 16: Suppliers


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UPDATE: The winner of the Amazon $30 gift card is What’s Cooking with Jim, congrats!

Want me to fund a promo for your live product or product launch ? How about my hear my shortcuts to finding suppliers of products not available on Alibaba!?  Could you a method proven guidelines to finding more reputable suppliers? If so, then join me in Episode 16 as I expand on:

  • Sourcing Agents
  • Making yourself scam proof
  • Why a 3 year + gold supplier is sufficient enough to start
  • My future plans for finding silent investors
  • And so very much more!!
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8 thoughts on “Episode 16: Suppliers

  1. What would the relationship with the prospective investors look like? Are they looking at a flat return on the investment or do they have part ownership of the company?

  2. Hey Brad, for what I’m looking for it would be on a per product basis, no company share and investor would get 25% of earnings minus the Amazon fees issued monthly.

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