Episode 19: Writing Product Description Copy


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Have specific questions/concerns? Let me know what you want to learn and I’ll do my best to focus on it in a podcast.

Copy discussed in podcast can be found at the bottom of this page along with a complementary video as I write the copy live in 20 minutes.

So you have a product idea…no wait, you have samples, great samples, and now you’re on to bigger and better things (your listing). But how do you get viewers to turn into buyers? A huge part of that is your product description/copy. Join me in Episode 19 as I discuss:

  • How to create a more engaging copy using 7 simple elements
  • My #1 trick for avoiding distractions while you write (and no it doesn’t involve tying up the kids)
  • What your ‘call to action’ must include to get visitors to click without thinking
  • Painting your customer a beautiful imagery that sells itself
  • And more!!
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Final document shown in video can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tvZyR5LjBo8RYblSUqL660JboWKtnCwtEQApQYsWWQU/pub



10 thoughts on “Episode 19: Writing Product Description Copy

  1. I would be interested in a more extensive eBook on writing compelling product descriptions, or perhaps a webinar with a real world example you work through in front of us. We can all bring our own beer for that section! Thanks so much for the kind words Will.

  2. Hmmm I could possibly make that happy Will. As far as real world, not sure. Maybe I can just do a product source and launch from start to finish.

  3. Great information. Thanks. This is my first time listening to your Podcast. Seen your testimony on Jungle Scout and thought I should check you out. I appreciate this information. I’m in the process of writing my first listing. Thank!


  4. You’re most welcome. Comment again if you’d like me to look it over and give any pointers (though I’m sure it’s gonan be terrific as is!!)

  5. Just wondering do you use keywords in your description? If not why? I had heard that Amazon is looking for copy that addresses what the buyers are searching for with keywords.

  6. Yes I do but I don’t go crazy with it. I am more targeted with it in title to help find my product, copy is to convince folks to buy (IMO)

  7. Just wanted to say thank you for putting this out there. This has helped me immensely in getting my product description and bullet points to be better than my competition’s. Time will tell how much it helps, but I’m definitely happy with it.

  8. Awesome Cory, so honored I could be of help, personally wishing you all the best with your Amazon efforts!

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