Episode 21: Getting Personal & Getting Past Obstacle 77


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Short and sweet is what you’ll  find in episode 21. I give you a brief update on my travels and health and what to do when you come across an idea, but can’t find a supplier. Join me in Episode 21 as I discuss:

  • What Obstacle 77 is (SPOILER ALERT: it’s just what to do when you can’t find a supplier)
  • When it’s okay not to reinvent the wheel
  • What kind of suppliers can help you develop more unique ideas
  • What I’m doing for all my listeners with short attention spans 🙂
  • And more!!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 21: Getting Personal & Getting Past Obstacle 77

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I am new to Amazon FBA and I’ve submitted just a few items to the fulfillment center to be sold however I’m a bit confused…… I’ve been reading online a lot about sales tax……… I live in Illinois but do I need to get a sales license in all of the states where Amazon has fulfillment centers? Also how do I calculate sales tax? I’m really confused by this…….

    Thanks for your help!

  2. I’d talk to an accountant familiar with online eCommerce sales. I don’t give any legal or financial advice…too many variables involved to give you an accurate answer and I’d never want to steer any of my listeners wrong.

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