Episode 22: Amazon Sales via YOUR website


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Who wants more sales? Silly question I’m sure, but in today’s podcast we focus on getting sales via your own site and fulfilling via Amazon. I’ve interviewed eCommerce specialist Genie at Site Markit (http://sitemarkit.com/) to help pave the wave for all us newbies. Join me in Episode 22 as I and Genie discuss:

  • Why now is the time to explore getting more sales via your own eCommerce website
  • The sneaky downside to using some store building solutions [Hint..it involves you not ever owning your website files and content 🙁 ]
  • How to get targeted traffic to your website
  • Cool feature to protect yourself from liabilities your product may have
  • And more!!
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4 thoughts on “Episode 22: Amazon Sales via YOUR website

  1. This is really good info for moving forward beyond the Amazon interface – convincing marketing. Packing slips from dash-board, newsletters sales reports all from a single source… cool.

  2. Bill Frassineti Bill Frassineti – Love the Blog. Actionable and Easy to Follow

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