Episode 23: Getting a Lower MOQ


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Can’t or don’t want to meet MOQs into the thousands? Silly question I’m sure, so in today’s podcast we focus on negotiating a lower MOQ to get started with our first bulk order with a new manufacture. Join me in Episode 23 as I  discuss:

  • What you MUST include in ever message to your manufacture to lower the MOQ
  • The sneaky psychology involved with asking for a lower MOQ and getting terms in your favor
  • How to make promises you can keep in your manufactures favor
  • Using the “Pin Method” to have manufactures fighting for your business
  • And more!!
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3 thoughts on “Episode 23: Getting a Lower MOQ

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Great podcast!

    Would be great, if you can make one of the topics of the podcast about the whole shipping process, from researching shipping prices, deciding between Air and Sea shipment, finding trust worthy customs brokers and shipment forwards that can get shipment delivered to Amazon without you being in the U.S.


  2. You’d have to find a 3rd party…some refer to it as a hub, ship to them here in the U.S. they’d inspect then give you sizing of cartons for you to print them out a label and ship to Amazon’s warehouse on your behalf. Ironically you can find forwarders on Alibaba. With your permission I can email you one I like to use, just let me know that I have your permission.

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