Episode 26: Saving Money & Charging More


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Howdy! I have a special treat for you today. In 15 minutes I’m going to share with you simple ways to not only save money, but help you to charge more for your products, so press play for Episode 26 as I demonstrate:

  • Saving money with product packaging
  • Cutting your sample shipping by 50% or MORE
  • How one question asked to manufactures helped me to position my product as premium
  • How you can use powerhouse figures like Oprah to rack in the sales!
  • And more!!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 26: Saving Money & Charging More

  1. Great tips Ryan! When I operated my eBay business, we would handwrite “Thank you” on the packing list and my customers really appreciated the personal touch. And it was reflected in my positive feedback.

    I have a question about saving money on air cargo. How much can you save (roughly) using air cargo compared to DHL/Fedex? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Hola Gary, that I don’t know, from the quotes I get maybe 10%-20% BUT I am not experienced in it so it may just be me. Sea generally is 60-75% from my experience and of course much longer.

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