Episode 27: 7 Ways To Sell Non-Sellers


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Aloha! It’s been ages, but boy do I have things to share with you! In the next 12 minutes I’m going to share with you 7 simple ways to get rid of non-selling inventory, so press play for Episode 27 as I discuss:

  • My top picks for selling OFFLINE
  • How and when to use other sellers to revamp your sales
  • My biz in a box sell off strategy
  • When to you to sit on your product and reap the benefits of sales later!
  • And more!!
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6 thoughts on “Episode 27: 7 Ways To Sell Non-Sellers

  1. Hello Ryan,
    I would like to obtain more information about the different type of shipping codes, EXW, for example, and what exact steps are needed to get the product from door to door with those codes. Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi Ryan
    Interesting podcasts and very informative but could you do one (or two)! on selling online away from Amazon, particularly developing your own website?
    Keep up the good work

  3. Do you have to send UPC codes as well as FNSKU codes by pdf to China, or does Amazon place the FNSkU codes on the packages?

  4. I currently don’t sell on anywhere else but Craigslist (offline), eBay, and Amazon so I wouldn’t be able to do a podcast on that from experience.

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