Episode 28: Creativity in Your Amazon Education


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I apologize in advance for any poor quality (promise the content is golden), I did this in the heat of the night running on 3 hours of sleep on a microphone I’m sure needs to be replaced LOL

Howdy! It’s been a while I know, but boy do I have things to share with you! I’m about to reveal some creative ways to test product ideas “for the low,”  get A1 training and education for little to nothing (monetary value), and give you inside secrets to getting help from the gurus. So turn your speakers up as I release episode 28 discussing:

  • How I leveraged others to get my first $4K training course
  • Ways to significantly reduce your cost to attend live conferences
  • The fast, cheap way to test products and remain on top if it’s a winner
  • Overcoming the “Ran Out of Stock Blues”
  • And more!!
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