Episode 31: Creating Listings That Drive Sales


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Holy smokes, Batman! This has to be the most impressive interview I’ve done in my life. It’s also the longest podcast to date as well (with good reason, I promise). I had the time of my life interviewing Mike Monroe of fbacopy.com. For a little over an HOUR, Mike holds nothing back as he shares the simple and effective ways to begin exploding your Seller Central account with sales! Join me as I pick Mike’s brain to discover:

  • The 5 words you’ll want to avoid to strengthen your copy
  • What  BIGGEST mistake Mike’s sees repeatedly and how you can use it to your advantage
  • The missing opportunity to optimize for mobile, proven to boost sales
  • How your headline may be actually turning potential buyers away!
  • Keyword tools that make it embarrassingly simple to rank for the keywords competitors often miss
  • And oh so much more!

Mike did an amazing job of sharing with us the specific resources that’s aided to his success. In the interview he mentions the following and I just KNOW you’ll take advantage:

http://amzsecrets.com/as-20-amazon-greyhat-ranking-secret-ranking-with-the-corporate-guys/  —  Dave deep dives into some of the stuff that OTHER people are doing… easily stay ahead of your competitors

http://jordanmalik.com/blog/asm/  —  “Not a copywriting episode, but ASK JORDAN is awesome and in this course he dives into various courses.  If the goal is to do the 20% that gets you 80% results (and you’re just starting out) then this is a great place to start… AFTER you’ve read and listened to everything on Ry’s blog!” ~Mr. Mike Monroe

http://thesmallbizexpress.com/sbx-25-make-business-standout-crowd/  — “An episode all about copywriting.  My favorite guest I ever had on our old show.  Kevin Rogers is a copy guru.  And listening to him talk is pure hilarity.” ~Mr. Mike Monroe

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4 thoughts on “Episode 31: Creating Listings That Drive Sales

  1. The words “infectious enthusiasm” don’t do you justice, Ry. Time flew by! I hope your audience doesn’t regard me as TOO MUCH of a windbag! 😉 If anyone wants to follow-up on anything, please post below. Would love to make this post 1/160th as helpful as your blog/journey has been to my learning about ecommerce.

  2. No doubt they’ll love it! I love it so much I think I’ll play it on my drive from Savannah to Atlanta today. Easily make an hour of the drive the most productive sounds my ears have ever heard 🙂

  3. Excellent information on how to write mobile friendly listings and how to emotionally attract customers to your product. Thank you Ry for your time 🙂

  4. Love that you’re enjoying and finding it helpful, can’t wait to hear great things about how you apply it all 😉

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