Episode 34: Packaging Your Products


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So you’ve probably already heard but the podcast is coming to an end…I know, I know, just when things were getting good lol. But I’ve set you up with a short series this week that I call “Coffee with Ryan” where I’ll discuss various insight points regarding Amazon & private labeling, recorded on my iPhone at random times as I sip a cup of Joe. So enjoy nothing but actionable information in this short series as I say my final good byes. I thank you for listening and as always, I’m rooting for you, your goals, and your growth!

First Coffee with Ryan session discusses packaging and how to save & make more money with it. Journey along as I disclose:

  • How to make packaging more appealing while actually saving money simultaneously
  • Different packaging types to instantly increase perceived value of goods
  • How to use Alibaba to find packaging to boost your biz
  • The one thing your insert MUST have and the top 3 reasons you’ll want it
  • And oh so much more!

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