Help! I want to get an Amazon Course

So until recently there was only one course to buy for those wanting to get started on Amazon. Ironically there was and is tons on importing (I’ve been importing for 11 years, I know), but the fascination with importing and private labeling on Amazon is fairly new, which leads many to ask…

Which course is the best for my Amazon and private label training?

To be honest, I say any course that lends the support needed to use the material they share, has a money back guarantee in a fair amount of time you’ll need to evaluate their material, and of course is being instructed by folks actually using and succeeding via Amazon.

Below is a video review of the members area for a course by StartUp Bros called Importing Empire. With this course I did more than $3K in sales my first month of my product going live. THIS COURSE HAS MORE THAN PAID FOR ITSELF. Here’s what I like and dislike about what it has to offer:

Oh and get notified of their next free live training HERE (




4 thoughts on “Help! I want to get an Amazon Course

  1. Hello Ryan,
    I just wanted to know if this course would help me with marketing my product. My first product is already live for 3 weeks now. I’m getting pretty slow sales and PPC ads and fb ads are not really working for me! I’m stuck with marketing. I thought its normal to go that slow at the beginning but hearing that you have made 3k first month makes me worried about my product!

  2. Yep could be the product…if that’s the case, I’d focus on starting product two and letting it sale out or possible work to see why. Maybe it’s saturated, maybe the product is not in as much demand as initial thought, maybe the product is dominated by Amazon. Take a look and see. When you search for your main keywords how many other listings show…how do you rank…do you have JungleScout? Get a quick view of the sales for the top sellers, maybe they too don’t make much. Too many variables to say for sure, but as far as marketing the product, the course will help but only if the product is good. If the product doesn’t have much demand it doesn’t matter how much marketing you do (note I have no experience with FB ads just Amazon PPC).

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