Do you like to save money? Probably a silly question, so let me just share with you the steps I followed to save $150 this month:

bank1. Amazon charges $0.20 a unit to label, not bad, but when I’m sending 1000 units that $200 can easily go to shipping. So I purchased labels from China at $0.02 a label.

2. Instead of shipping to me (the labels) I had it shipped to my manufacture who agreed to apply each label for $0.03 a unit.

3. In total it cost me $0.05 to have one of my manufacture label my products…now some will do this free. This particular manufacture provides me several variations and I didn’t need a regular UPC bar code, but the FNSKU label, so I was asking for a bit more, though some manufactures may still do this at no charge.

I found the label maker on Alibaba and there are tons of them! You can adapt my method to apply to your packaging too…or stickers. Get creative and get saving!




  1. Hi, Ry! I just want to tell you that if you design your own package ( even just a little cartboard attached on a poly bag ), you can ask your designer to integrate label in design with FNSKU bar code and this it will be free for you and don t need to ask anythink from your supplier or Amazon.
    Cool tip yours!
    I am wondering also what can I do to bundle 2 different products from 2 suppliers in one package… If you have any tip on this too I would appreciate….

  2. hehe so true, excellent tip yourself, I was being lazy on the packaging but it may be time to get it together and do just what you’ve suggested, thank you Nicol! And I will be using a hub or 3rd party to go ahead and bundle for me, still checking out rates 🙂 Update you on that as soon as I’ve done it myself and can share my experience with you.

  3. hi Ry!

    are the sticker labels for private labeling your logo on a product or packaging? or is it just a barcode..and you do NEED to have barcodes on the packaging for amazon to accept it?



  4. Hey Steve, yes barcodes are needed, usually my brand logo is on the instruction manual or put on product. Not necessarily in sticker form (for example, one product my logo is stitched on via a cloth label).

  5. ryan… I am trying to find these “label makers” on alibaba, to get my fnsku’s printed. But am having difficulty finding them. Please help me

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in finding a source that can create a sticker label with my logo and FNSKU bar code. Only needs to be roughly 3″x 3″.
    So, either I or my supplier can apply it on the poly bag that has my product in it.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Search just like you would a product via Alibaba is what I’d suggest…that’s how I found my insert and label printer.

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