How I Screwed Up (& Began to Fix) My Refund Rate

Save your return rate & more money, all while increasing customer satisfaction in 4 easy steps:

1. First and foremost don’t be a dummy  like me and not verify your variations are accurate, which I’m sure you already practice (insert huge smile).

2. Encourage buyers via follow up emails and product literature (like flyer inserts or business cards or even hand written letter) that if there is an issue with size, color, etc. to not hesitate to reach out via Amazon’s message center (you can briefly describe how to access this – if you have a follow up sequence just ask they reply to the email if set up in that manner, FBG users have this ability) to expedite resolving the issue.

3. Well maybe this should be #1, always have goods on hand at your home/office/local or personal warehouse. Sometimes shipping rates are not competitive when fulfilling orders manually through Amazon…this of course will vary, so know your cost vs theirs.

4. LET THEM KNOW no other action is needed on their end and to keep, destroy, or donate the item sent in error IF it’s something you can afford to let go. Don’t let them assume they need to get their replacement via Amazon, thus messing up your stats. Obviously some items will cost more to have shipped back, resend to Amazon, etc. A high refund rate in relation to like products WILL GET YOUR LISTING CLOSED!! How do I know? It happened to me, but I’m grateful because it made me realize the issue with my variations.

BONUS TIP: You can use this on any kind of item you sell, not just variations. This could be regarding a defective product, doesn’t matter, same rules to being proactive apply. NOW with variations be sure to state in several places how they should be ordering and what they should expect. In the images via an info-graph, in bullets, in the variation’s title, and in the description. With this in place, your product’s included literature, and follow-up sequences you should see a significant opportunity to get ahead of resolving issues before Amazon catches wind. 😀



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