How To Evaluate Competition

Want to know what you’re getting into before you invest in your private label product (duh! Of course, Ry)? Okay dumb question, so here’s how I do it.

1. I determine the search results in ALL categories.

2. I see what kinds of imagery both visual and textual listings have to offer.

3. I check out the reviews and ask myself how realistic is getting more reviews than the top listing(s).

4. Leave me a comment below so I can know how ya like 1, 2, & 3. Step 4 is super important! lol

Super simple 🙂 Check out the video for more details & don’t forget to subscribe to the right for more cool tips, tricks, and live Hangout sessions:



2 thoughts on “How To Evaluate Competition

  1. Hey Ry, just wondering, any books or other resources you might recommend? Also, what would be your `must listen to` podcasts etc? I’m new to importing and keen to surround myself with as much good info as possible, thanks! (maybe this could be a post suggestion for the blog?)

  2. I like podcast by Scott Voelker and a Spreecast by Andy Slamans. You can find Scott’s on iTunes or Stitcher. Oh and Ryan Moran, he discusses business in general too, but his stuff if decent.

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