I’m Out of Stock

Well, IT happened. I am officially out of stock. I had 75 units launched December 16 (2 weeks before my birthday) and even though I nearly doubled the price to slow sales, I’m wiped clean and won’t be back in stock until January 24.

So what now?

I wait. I forgive myself, I learn, I note my mistakes and I share them with you. I’m not upset or even disappointed, I’m learning. I believe that it may happen once again, BUT I’m working hard to prevent it.

The Chinese have a week long holiday in February, but some will take a longer break. My factory’s workers live across the country and this is their opportunity to go home. I won’t have access to them for a full month! What’s even worse is I don’t have the cash to place an order I KNOW (or at least I think I know) will cover me until they return.

I have 400 units coming January 24 and 225 units coming mid-February. I just may be okay until they return, BUT with my growth skyrocketing the way it did. I just can’t be sure.

The good news is, I set up a simple site using my brand name in the domain name. A potential customer reached out to me and asked about additional sizing and ordering. This lets me know, people REALLY want my product. Heck the guy went OFF Amazon to find it, cha-ching!



3 thoughts on “I’m Out of Stock

  1. Thanks for the blog man. I just started my PL FBA journey this month. Currently awaiting samples and setting up amazon from the ground level. I look forward to your future posts and inspiration.

  2. Awesome, I’m glad you are liking everything so far, if I can ever be of help, reach out, love to hear others succeeding in this realm!!

  3. Sounds more like a success when all your oriducts are selling so fast. I’m going to get into PL this year. I hope I have some failures like yours.

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