Jumped The Gun on Samples

Always, always, (did I already mention always) order samples before doing a small or large bulk order. I trusted Aliexpress to be more of a “quick fix” to bypass this and quickly got burned.

The 200 units I ordered were nothing like the images on the product page and boy did I pay. I tried to return it but the shipping was about a third of the cost of the goods themselves.

Eventually me and the seller agreed to have me be refunded half the initial cost and me keep the goods. I sold the products in bulk and made MOST of my money back. I lost some money, some time, but I learned a valuable lesson. Never, ever, bypass getting samples from your potential supplier.



6 thoughts on “Jumped The Gun on Samples

  1. Great advice, this information is a GEM for people like myself, a novice. I look forward to reading and watching more. Take Care!!

  2. Hi

    This is an interesting post. You probably mention here you received something which you didn’t expect. This happen all the time when ordering from China. You are lucky it happen to you on sample and not on a big order.

    To avoid this to happen on big order, you should always perform a quality inspection of your goods before shipping and paying them to your supplier.

    Assuming you may order for 5000 or 10000 USD, considering you may need to pay 100% of the goods in advance, investing 250-300 USD to send a quality inspector to verify your goods before shipping can save you a bunch a problem.

    Our customers at http://AsiaQualityControl.com constantly ask us to go to check and inspect their goods against quality issue. Mostly they use Pre-Shipment Inspection (description here: http://asiaqualitycontrol.com/…/pre-shipment-inspection). For only 250-300 USD you get an inspector to go to your supplier within 48 hours anywere in Asia to check the quality of your goods before shipment. We return an inspection report within 24 hours with picture and description of problems we found (which most of our clients ask their supplier to fix before shipping).

    if you need any advice about this process and how to make your import from Asia safer, feel free to ask for Phil via the contact form of our website http://AsiaQualityControl.com

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