Latest Sales Since Being Back In Stock (Feb)

Guess who’s back in stock (points to self and smiles)??

It’s been what seems like forever but I’ve finally gotten back into stock as of Jan. 30th.

incomeHere are sales from that date, so about 4 days. At this rate, I should do close to $5K, if not more in February. Why more? Because, I’m averaging about 5 sales per day now, but as I sell more and my ranking increases, sales should too.

So here’s what I’ll do to add a little fun. I will give the person who comments with the closest sales estimate for Feb. 28th 12PM EST a $75 Amazon gift card.

So subscribe to the blog to the right for updates and stay tuned for my final update and announcement of the winner.

To win:

*Must have a valid email to receive Amazon gift card
*Must comment below via Facebook or WordPress
*Must comment dollar amount in sales.
*Only 1 comment per entry per person (ask a friend to comment on your behalf)



9 thoughts on “Latest Sales Since Being Back In Stock (Feb)

  1. Wow, what a growth, Ry! Look at your price now, $32 vs $19 in december?! Keep going! I think that in feb you will sell around 7 units / day, means minimum 200 items. Just guessing!

  2. 7 units a day would make me extremely happy! Could you do me a favor Nicol, if possible can you tell me a number (dollarwise)? I don’t want Amazon to be providing discounts on my behalf and due to that my overall sales number doesn’t reflect accurately.

  3. Can I ask what your BSR is? (I know it changes all the time)

    The product I’m planning to sell I’d need 8 sales a day to make 10K a month and the current (and only) competitor on Amazon is ranked 63000 – eesh!

    I know I’ll sell more than they do because their photos are awful and their product is costly and they have no reviews but I’m trying to see where I’d have to start.

  4. Hey Leah, I have variations of the product, the highest ranking variation is 17K (it was like 9K, so again, never run out of stock…it’s bad for you LOL)

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