Myths Your Competitors Want You To Believe

Back from the dead and with zombie like knowledge I hope you’ll find helpful. I’ll save the cliches for another day and jump right to it…

Myth 1

“Low searches means there’s no money to be made”

Correction, low conversations from searchers to buyers may indicate there is little money to be made. Which is more appealing, a product searched 1000x a month converting at 10% profiting $10 or a product searched 10,000x a month converting at 1% profiting $10? The answer…you’ll make the same amount even though one is searched 10x as much. Makes you think, right? If the product searched only 1000x a month made $11 profit, you’re literally in the lead in comparison to the product searched 10,000x a month.

Myth 2

“The profit is in small and lightweight products” 

Nope, not true. Usually it’s an easier item to import for sure, but heavier products can still be profitable.

1. Usually competition is slim
2. If you are willing to be patient and ship via sea, it’s usually more than affordable.
3. You’ll want to always do your numbers. Sometimes you’ll pay just as much to have Amazon to fulfill as you would to ship yourself, meaning the Prime members
can look towards you to buy vs the abundance of Merchant fulfilled sellers that usually dominate the page for heavier items.
4. The hassle to send back larger, heavier items can lead to a lower return rate…Amazon likes low return rates

Myth 3

“I need thousands of dollars or hundreds of products to invest or get started”

Nawwwww, with a little patience it can be far less. Aliexpress is making it easier for people to test. You can also work with potential suppliers to get test orders for your “team” and a team can consist of 10 people or a dozen people.

You can send all to Amazon to test or even do a merchant fulfilled listing to test, though results may differ depending on your competition and their offer. You can also work with your supplier to get a credit toward your first bulk order grant it you go with them so that your sample investment isn’t made in vain.

If you can find a generic duplicate on eBay with a seller selling multiples, you can buy in bulk and of course reach out to them to see if you can get a discount for doing so. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY HUNDREDS OF UNITS TO GET STARTED!



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