Notes for Expert Consult #1

So I had my first 20 minute call with someone who teaches how to do $10K+ a month…here are the results:

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I’ll be honest guys, wasn’t impressed at all by the first person I consulted with. I took steps to share concerns before hand, but we jump on the call and he seems to not understand them, though the reason for sharing days before was to avoid this. It was obvious very soon in the call that he may not be too much help in reviving listings.

Here is what I got from the call, I hope you’ll find something helpful (note these are not my suggestions/thoughts):

When starting/launching, your focus should be reviews. It will be the factor to help increase conversions, thus lead to more sales (in addition to optimizing your listing/offer of course). Take advantage of autoresponder sequences asking about
satisfaction and asking for review.

Competition should be vetted by reviews. Multiple competitors with 1000s of reviews with an average of 4.5+ will take a lot to beat out. Instead consider review counts in low hundreds preferably lower than 4.5 star average.

When building your PL brand build your presence off Amazon as well through influencers with a following. Bloggers, Vloggers, etc.

Hacks like clicking competitor product, then yours (or even better buying both), searching for your product and clicking it in results vs direct link, having questions asked, and adding your product to one’s wishlists can help build ranking and relevance.

Removing bad reviews can be done for really one of two reasons, harsh language or a review not relevant to the product. You can reach out to reviewer, however it can be difficult if they are using a nickname, in that case you’ll want to comment through your buying account and doing your best to resolve the issue centered
around the review. Next focus should be to building additional positive reviews.

Auto campaigns for PPC is great for one reason…ideas for more keywords via the reports. It usually will be higher. Running auto for a week, then turning the successful terms to a manually campaign is more beneficial. Sellers should also consider sponsored banner ads that can show on competitors listing (note you have to have a vendor express account).



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