Ouch…That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Most Recent Fail)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a fail. Not to say I haven’t had hiccups, just nothing worth sharing I guess.  Today, however ends that glorious streak, because (drumroll please) I have a new failure to share!

I bundled 3 products. A banana case, a banana storage bag, and a banana slicer. When I sent in inventory I noticed a small yellow circle with a line by listing and the status, “inactive.” When calling to learn more I was told that product was under review by the seller performance team and I’d have to contact them (only via email) to see what was going on.

A few days later and a very untelling response, I was told I was restricted from selling the product. No explanation or nuffin (nothing).

I was heartbroken. I had 150 units at Amazon and another 250 or so sitting in my living room.

Now what? 🙁

Well I’m still waiting on Amazon for an explanation, but for now I plan to liquidate via eBay and Craigslist.

What MAY have happened?

One of the products may have a patent that I overlooked. Amazon may think my slicer consist of blades and has some sort of policy pertaining to sharp objects. Amazon may be going through “the change of life.” All I know is that I will not be selling the product via Amazon and I’ll do my best to get a much of my $2K invest back as possible.



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