Pretty Product Packaging, Prettier Profits

I’m going to share a short story with you (it has a point/purpose, I promise) and I’m going to show you via the video below how to adapt.

money clipI’m a huge crowdfunding support via Kickstarter. I just love the thought of people building products that are helpful, savvy, or just plain cool. This year I funded a leather money clip (see image to side) and it ran me about $25 with shipping. It’s a great product, wonderful quality, but us importers know we could easily have created this ourselves for less than $5.

What made the money clip pop even more was the packaging. I got a nice little stamped/engraved box with foam protection inside that made me feel like a premium customer with an even more premium product. The creators of this money clip have created an experience and an awesome first time impression! So do I feel like it was worth my $25…absolutely! Secretly I wanted to open my packaging twice LOL

**View original Kickstarter campaign earning over $45K by clicking HERE

4 Minutes to Inexpensive Product Packaging w/ Style



8 thoughts on “Pretty Product Packaging, Prettier Profits

  1. I loved this, I’m still trying to pick my product , listening to podcasts, etc. this is the first I visually saw the packaging. Was so helpful!

  2. This is an area I want to get better in and your video was a big help. Any possibility you could recommend printers and packagers in China that you have had good luck with?

  3. Thank you for all great information,I was listening your podcasts finally I found your blog! I think your information help me great deal ,I feel like everything you say is simple , easy to understand for the beginners and very helpful .thank you for your time again .if you come around NY-NJ please let me know

  4. Ryan, I found your site from Seller Dojo. Great ideas about the packaging! You mentioned that they were cheap. Can you share a rough idea of how much the packaging cost? And also how much the improved packaging boosted your margins? I’m working on product packaging as well and would appreciate your insights. Thank you! Gary

  5. I can’t answer that question sadly. It really all depends on the type of package, if there is any inner packaging (like foam cushioning), the material, the color(s) and are we talking boxes, bags, cloth bags, coated boxes, so many factors. If you want to you can compare and contrast with US suppliers and see if it’s comparable and worth saving. I would be happy to spend $3 on a box, where as you may feel it’s too much. Also consider the cost of your product. You have to consider if it’s even viable…is this going to give the customer a better experience, possibly protect things better. These are some things to consider when you are trying to decide how much you are spending.

  6. Ryan, Thanks for your reply. Good to know that in the US $3 per box can be a reference point. We are designing a premium paper box with foam insert for our product. The box is being custom made in China for about $2 based on 500pcs. We could get it done cheaply for less than a $1, but it’s a premium box that we believe will boost our brand and selling price. We will get better pricing as our volume grows to 1,000pcs and more.

  7. Well it’s cheap depending on how you are packaging and what. The material used and printing methods will vary and affect pricing as well. If you are using your packaging to boost sales be sure you have pics of your item in the packaging on the your product page (not the packaging alone). For me I like to use packaging more as an opportunity to create an experience more so than increase profits. I usually can change 20-25% more when my packaging is “prettier” and not see a dip in sales.

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