Product Idea Give-A-Way

Okay so you’re selling on Amazon and need a new product idea or maybe you haven’t begun to sell on Amazon due to lack of a product idea. Either way here is your chance to win one…low competition and tons of profit margin. All you have to do is comment with your favorite place to eat and your favorite dish to get there. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday 9PM EST 2-24, that simple. So comment below for your chance to win 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Product Idea Give-A-Way

  1. I hate to sound like a cheap date, but since we moved to Georgia and I am a southerner now… I love Chic Filet! The original sandwich with pickles is the best. And fries. And that sauce. 🙂

  2. Hi Ryan! I have to admit my favorite place is at home, eating my boyfriend’s homemade pizza and pumpkin cheesecake….it always tastes better when someone else cooks, right?! 😄

  3. My favorite place to eat is Acropolis restaurant. We always have their grilled calamari, grilled octopus and grilled lamb chops. Amazing meal! Other than that we love cooking and usually entertain ourselves at home with good food and wine.

  4. To date I’ve not run into the “Can’t Find Manufacture” issue. In fact so far I my issue is multiple quotes. I will be looking to add a couple new products after April (Tax time) and I could run into the problem then depending on what products I decide on.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  5. OMG yes it happens, but start thinking like products and consider sending it in to them. Also consider the material of the good and contacting manufactures based on the material of the goods being made. It’s kind of like starting backwards. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

  6. Hey Ryan,
    just found your site today and I already found some useful information I overlooked in my current research.

    I’m from Germany and my favorite food is “Sauerbraten”.
    This is a beef, that’s pickled in a marinade made of wine, vinegar, mustard, and laurel. After a couple of days, you bake and fry it and serve it with a sweet-and-sour sauce.
    The meat is really tender and has an awesome taste!
    It’s served with red cabbage and dumplings. Excellent!

    You can eat it in many traditional german restaurants but my favorite place is my grandma’s house! She still knows best how to prepare it!

    Here is a photo for everybody that never tried “Sauerbraten”. You’re missing out on at least half of your life! :

    When I was looking for a picture my mouth got really watery haha


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