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 Last Update – 4/06/2017 offers services tailored to Amazon sellers who are looking to increase their product listing page click through rate, conversion rate, and overall level of sales. They have the ability to improve Amazon listings through their exceptional graphic design services such as product inserts, image graphics, logo creation, and product packaging. What’s more, you can count on them for superb product photography that will better highlight the items that you sell to increase brand awareness, sales, and profits!

Those following my FBA journey can use ‘$25OFF’ for $25 off first purchase.

Product Profit Calculator

Know your numbers! Click ‘Product Profit Calculator’ to get an easy to use tool supplied by Greg M., maker of JungleScout to know and understand your bottom line to your products and product ideas.

Want sales off Amazon? Send your own traffic to your products without Amazon taking their well known pricey fees. Build your store with ease and continue to fulfill with Amazon using Site Markit’s no commitment store hosting solution.

Logo Designs –

Beyond Fiverr, be sure to check out my personal designer, Becky, she charges about $25 for each logo concept but is well worth it. Works fast and is extremely skilled at catching things us average folks’ eyes may miss.

Explore Amazon’s categories and subcategories, as well as get example products featured in each. Certainly an asset for research.

Amazon Seller Browser 

Chrome extension that gives you an overview of BSR and camelcamelcamel data.

Get an idea of how many folks are searching for your product or product type using specific keywords on a monthly basis. Determine if the monthly search volume is worth that potential product being launched.

Free resourcing for tracking estimated daily sales. A great resource for validating products you may be interested in importing.

Google Chrome extension that gives you an instant product overview and estimate of monthly sales. Also list similar items and their product overview. Great tool for generating new/similar product ideas or validating current ones.

It’s a free tool that can help you note historic price drops, BSR or products and more. Great tool for evaluating your market and competition over longer periods of time.

No one really knows how Amazon ranks, it’s constantly changing and it never really makes much sense. We do know that if you have a good product, good reviews, and constant sales, the sales growth will follow. There’s many theories out there, but the above link makes some pretty good points I believe to hold true.

Staying in stock can be difficult, but there is hope…in the form of a simple formula. Check it out above.

Pretty cool resource for beginners. Free videos and advice on getting started selling on Amazon

This baby is a beast! Get an idea of products associated with keywords of interest. Evaluate competition and so much more. If you need to better narrow down your private label ideas, this tool is vital!

Podcast focused around Amazon…HIGHLY recommended!

Holy S%*t Batman! Amazon charges .20 to label your products. Once you send 1000 units that’s $200 that’s out of your profit. Why pay $200 when you can pay like, $15….visit the link above to get UPC codes, labels, and more!

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  1. Thanks for sharing chrome extensions ideas that as an Amazon Seller must have. If I may add one, the Amzpecty chrome extension is also a great time-saver if you are doing competitor research, and even price and inventory tracking.

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