Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference Take-A-Ways

Woah!! I thought jetlag was something to get over, but this weekend will certainly live with me and the way I do business forever!

I met some incredible people and learned things I’m immediately applying to my business this week. Below is what I thought might be worth sharing with my fabulous readers.
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Firstly, if you have yet to take action, be honest with yourself and ask why. Don’t let the unknowns be the reason. How to do this, what do you do if or when this happens, you KNOW it works and that’s the first and only thing you need to be certain of if you’ve yet to take action.

doubtHowever, if you have doubts this works though you’ve seen the growth and success in local meet-ups, Facebook communities, blogs, podcast, and/or forums, then find something else. Don’t waste your time with anything that doesn’t feel right, no matter the possible reward. Your peace of mind is priceless!

Ok so if you’re still reading I’m guessing you’ve already started and are wanting to grow or you’ve admitted to yourself you were making excuses or talking yourself out of taking actions with “what ifs.” Fair enough. Now because you’re clear on the why and have chosen to move beyond it, I’m going to share a secret with you.  Addressing the unknown is so much easier when you can specially state your predicament (which as of now doesn’t exist) to people who have been there PLUS (you’ll like this next part) it’s less hassle to find solutions with resources from $100/day sales being active vs. making $0/day and feeling the need to get answers to questions that don’t even apply to you yet…maybe never.

So to sum it up, take action and if you doubt it all, move on to something you will take action on.

And now for the actionable tips from my notes! Ready??

1. Cynthia of is a superhero! She saves asses (and suspended listings & accounts). She made it clear we are all at risk and we need to be aware at all times of our compliance score (returns, negative feedback, defect rate, etc.). Don’t take anything from another listing or manufacture site. And be mindful of how you do review blasts. Be sure they state that they received a discount (if they did)…and don’t have them review BEFORE they get the product. Now honestly, how does that even work?

2. The Expert Panel featured heavy hitters, Andy Slamans of, Robert Rickey & Stephen Somers of, Scott Voelker (a.k.a. The Amazing Seller) of, and Brad DeGraw of Oh and one of my favorite people ever, Mr. Jeff Cohen from Seller Labs (Feedback Genius, Snagshout, etc). Some key takes include:

  • Always order a sample…even better get into the habit of ordering production samples (sample of first item made in your run)
  • If in the states and seeking domestic suppliers, go to your library (it’s a place that holds a lot of books and computers that you pay for via taxes lol) and ask a librarian for their manufacture reference source. From my experience it’s usually behind their desk or in the reference section.
  • If you’re truly building a brand, invest in it. Get a more unique look, take the time to redesign to address common complaints, and more importantly TRADE MARK!
  • Consolidate shipping when receiving samples from multiple suppliers
  • Try and get as much done via your manufacture as possible, they have connections ya know (inserts, packaging, labels, etc.)!?
  • Stop talking, stop asking, and START taking action!

Okay that’s my Cliff Notes for Saturday’s festivities. I would love to meet more people who read this blog or listen to the podcasts, so be sure to share what ecommerce or importing conferences YOU’RE attending 2016. I want to be where you are! Share where you’ll be this year or give me your thoughts on this post by commenting below 🙂



7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference Take-A-Ways

  1. Hi there!

    How can you order production samples? Can’t happen. Supplier will not stop their production line and wait 3-5 days until you get that sample to approve.

    About library. Any chance someone can ask for reference code for me? If I know someone or can find person in US?

  2. Boris, it’s something I ask before working with them (production sample). I won’t be heading to the library for quite a while, so I wouldn’t be able to do it in a timely manner. I’d suggest contacting a friend you have in the U.S. directly and letting them know what you are looking for…alternatively I believe you can pay to access online.

  3. Here is how I’m dealing with a production sample of my textile PL product.
    Step 1. Factory in China is making a finished sample. This is essentially unit #1 of the order I have not placed yet. A spec sheet is provided so the unit #1 is (hopefully) comes out exactly as needed.

    Step 2. If finished sample meets or exceeds specs/quality standards set by me then order is placed. I advise sales rep they get the order if they get the sample perfect.

    Step 3. Finished sample is photographed for records and then sent to QC 3rd party inspector who will visit factory on day 1 of production with unit #1 in hand to compare to what is produced. Inspector will randomly pull a % of the order as it is being produced and inspect. It will be difficult I imagine and a waste of time to pull units after order is produced as the item needs to be neatly folded and I don’t expect an inspector to know how to properly re-fold the item, hence why they will “supervise” during production to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded.

  4. Hi Ryan, thanks for another great post. I am working on building a brand. (I buy my products from China but put my own unique designs on them). Do you have any further advice regarding Trade Marking?

  5. Nope I’m actually in the process of exploring it myself. I do know just a few things, which likely you know as well. Never put TM by a brand you have not trademarked, it’s illegal and can result in fines in the hundreds PER item sold related to it. Ouch! You can do it yourself for a few hundred, using a lawyer will likely put you above $1K. You can also trademark a DBA so if you’re corp or LLC acts as an umbrella, you can still get protection.

  6. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks because I just found you. 😃 Just ordered my first samples and wondering how I could consolidate orders from separate suppliers (same city) into 1 package?? As I just ordered 4x samples, all separate delivery. However for next time I’d love to implement the one package policy 😋😉😃

    Thanks Ryan,


  7. Use a third party, have them all shipped there then shipped to you, just know this could and will likely add time to your turnaround to receive samples.

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