Episode 33: Sales Above & Beyond Amazon


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Want to know how to get more sales via Amazon from places other than Amazon? Did you know Amazon actually favors offsite traffic? But how you may say? Well the mystery has been solved with guest, Robert Gleichenhaus of Myfbajourney.net, an Amazon seller who’s taken his internet marketing background to maximize sales in competitive markets most of us dare not touch! Take out your notepads and begin to start your journey BEYOND Amazon as you come to understand:

  • Deal sites, and how they can INSTANTLY 5x your revenue
  • Who out there will actual sell for you and how you can take advantage of such leverage
  • Why saturation may not be as challenging as we’ve all come to believe
  • Ways to obtain more traffic than any one listing can handle
  • Amazon’s subscribe and save program…the good, bad, & possibly profitable
  • And oh so much more!

Robert can be reached via his email roberttodd31[at.]gmail[. or dot]com

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4 thoughts on “Episode 33: Sales Above & Beyond Amazon

  1. hello!
    Great podcast and enjoyed very much – this guy is great, lots of info. In regards to deal sites to drive traffic to amz, would you inflate the price to be able to get close to what you want to really sell it for? Is this a short term strategy to get sales velocity up?

  2. Kelly that is an awesome question, you should def reach out to Robert and ask for insight and other ways he may be able to help take ya to the next level… he can be emailed at roberttodd31 gmail com, will email you this info as well.

  3. Just listened!! Great interview Ry!! Very informative!! I am still new to e-commerce and FBA private labeling in particular. I have not heard of anything that Robert was talking about before in any of my other resources. CPA networks and kind of sub community of Facebook Instead of the review groups . I will be heading over to his website to check it out!! I am a new listener -and now subscriber. Thanks again Ry!! And thanks Robert for going on her show!!

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