The Goal

I think it’s important for everyone to know what the mini and overall goal is with me using Amazon’s FBA with my private label product(s). The number one goal is to provide me with a means to be able to use my time the way I WANT. That’s my one goal with any business venture I engage myself in.

More specifically I want to build a brand and resell the rights to it, along with the business name and business model.

I plan to do this in several niches before exploring things outside Amazon and physical product sales.

Before I had a job I did a lot of software development (I don’t code, I just produce/create) and resold to individuals as digital downloads. I’d like to explore that again but on a more continuity level.

My first goal in this journey is to get rid of my part time job…I haven’t worked full time in well over a year, but still the thought of having to wake at a certain time, answer to a manager, and do whatever it is they tell me to do is a nuisance I wish to avoid…indefinitely!

So yep, that’s the big bad plan, pretty simple huh? I have other interest such as film and motivating others, but for now I need to be able to have the TIME to do those things and with FBA + my private label products, I’m sure I can make that possible.

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14 thoughts on “The Goal

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I stumbled upon this website by accident thru the marketplace superheroes podcast. Thank you for the good content you provide to newer seller such as myself(8 months selling on Amazon FBA and taking a private labeling class now)

    I wanted to ask you a personal question on your experience with Market Place superheroes vs Startup Bros. You had mentioned that you have taken both classes and if you had to do it over, which one would you pick ? (if you had to pick only one)

    thank you

  2. Ryan you are like a breath of fresh air; I came across your name and subsequently your website from a couple of posts that you wrote on Facebook offering product ideas. I thought about private messaging you to ask for a bit of help to choose possible products but decided to visit your website first.
    I bought the $4,000 course and did eventually manage to get a product branded and listed on Amazon but it came at enormous cost and my product, which I love, isn’t even selling enough to cover my Seller Central fees. Then, just as I was going to start trying to promote my listing, I got very sick and virtually ‘lost’ last year.
    Anyway, I shall stop waffling on and say that I would also like to ask you the same question as Randy(above). I have bought Startup Bros but am having huge problems choosing decent products; so far I have spent hours and hours and am seemingly no closer to pinning down decent products.
    regards, Ann.

  3. Thanks for your kind remarks Ann, means a lot to me. Hope you’re enjoying the Importing Empire course, I know I do. Same thing happened to me with the other course. Got my product up and made a total of 2…maybe 3 sales in a matter of months, I took a break and decided to try again later. I’ll email to tell you more about what you inquired about. Hope to provide you other great info in the future!

  4. Hi Ryan
    thanks for your blog

    I wanted to ask you about the courses with Market Place superheroes vs Startup Bros. Which one better and applicable?

    thank you

  5. Vera it depends on your goals and learning style, I love both. If you want I can email you and get a better feel of what you’re looking for then make a recommendation.

  6. also wanted to ask the same question as everyone else 😉 which course would you recommend more and why?

  7. I like MarketPlace Superheroes and Importing Empire. The first has excellent support and focuses on a model that will average you out $18.750 if you do it to the system they have put in place. I like Importing Empire because the Facebook community is amazing, supportive, helpful, just invaluable! I also like that they do LIVE training and they have experts on almost every week to every other week.

  8. Got your email Chris…lol how could I forget a contact page!? (Maybe when I made the site I secretly wanted to be invisible, I’ll add it now, thanks for bringing this to my attention)

  9. Hi Ryan –

    Great site, I love the follow up on everyone. I was hoping you could provide a bit more detail on your experience withMarketPlace Superheroes vs Importing Empire vs Startup Bros.

    Many thanks in advance!

  10. All the courses I’ve taken have been great and offered different things. I’d say it comes down to your learning style and goals.

  11. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your FBA journey! I was wondering if you think it is worth it to pay for a course when there seems to be a lot of info out there on FBA blogs. What do you think a course offers that isn’t possible to find on other FBA blogs, like Jungle Scout?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  12. If after doing your research you feel like you’ll get more from it than the stuff readily available, absolutely. For example, one benefits of a lot of these courses are the community of like minds. Now of course there are free communities, but you know these people are a least serious enough to invest REAL money and most likely followed by time as well. This kind of leverage can be the difference between networking or getting golden nuggets you may have otherwise missed due to someone not wanting to openly share some tactic due to fear of it being overused and sharing working against them. Hope that makes sense. But do I think it’s necessary? No. Helpful? Yes. 🙂

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