What are conferences missing?


I’m doing a little research (not product research for once) and I’m interested to know what are all these importing and Amazon FBA conferences missing? I am traveling all this and next month and I’ll be treating sellers to coffee in various cities, so I thought, what if I could just have one central place for us all to meet (about 10-12 of us).

So I am strongly considering holding a weekend live hangout and I’m interested to know what would YOU like to get out of a weekend with me and some other sellers who are seeing some success? Comment below 🙂




11 thoughts on “What are conferences missing?

  1. Working projects done on the spot where people actually learn how and complete the task at the conference

  2. How to extend from one good product to multiple products under the same theme. In other words, how to build a real brand.

  3. It would be great to showcase an item that is already successful and the steps on how it got there and then try to duplicate it in real time. Actually go through all the steps live.. from researching and finding the item to contacting and corresponding with a manufacturer etc.

  4. Where and when are you thinking this hangout may be? We are from Australia, currently are on our way to the USA for the next couple of weeks, if the timing and location works out.

  5. Likely Tampa or Atlanta…I have a thing for the East lol and things are a bit more affordable there. Hey, enjoy your visit, where you going?

  6. hi ryan – just found your podcast the other day and am really enjoying it

    new at all this and really interested in getting this up and running and doing it full time – I have some serious goals

    my 2 cents – agree with glenn – a “hands-on” event where everyone sits around with their laptops or some device and are walked thru the steps to put up a product – i think this approach offers so much more of a “take-a-way” that is lasting

    anyway thx 4 listening –

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