When PL Ideas Aren’t Already Being Sold

You’ve find the idea private label product. You’ve done research to validate it’s something that’s consistently being searched for, it’s profitable, and you have supplier options via Alibaba, Trade Key, and the like. There’s only one issue…it’s not currently being sold on Amazon.com. Is this good, bad, or something in between? Well, it can certainly be a great thing or it could be a heartbreak waiting to happen. To further confirm which your particular private label idea is, consider the following:

In addition to the normal check points in verifying an idea (profitability, competition, etc.) I’d ask myself WHY is it not on Amazon and go from there or verify that it’s not on Amazon, but the term/keyword phrase I am identifying the idea with is a term/keyword phrase recognized by Amazon’s buyers. Item to consider:

1.) Is item restricted?
2.) Does item go by another term?
3.) Does item have US patent and/or designate authorized users to sell it?
4.) Is it being sold on eBay? If so, hit ‘completed listings’ to left and see if there’s proof by numbers in green indicating a sale.
Now not be upset the excited, but keep in mind that at the end of the day, both here in the US and by Amazon’s customer base, sometimes the simple fact is no one cares to buy the item…period. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take a hard pass and keep researching new ideas.




2 thoughts on “When PL Ideas Aren’t Already Being Sold

  1. Your title catched my eyes but left my stomach empty. You talk about a PL product not sold mostly because of legal issues or not demand. What about a product that is not sold because nobody created a product yet filling a need?. What If I have a great idea and I know how to implement it?. I know being the first is difficiult and all that but having a PL idea thst is not sold in Amazon may be a great opportunity to be the first to market it. I believe PL for the small guy as known today eill be dead in a few years and the ones succesfull will be the ones with unique products and not those with the same produxct as others but with a different brand. In my case I came up with three product ideas, not existant with direct competition on Amazon or similar product, and Im already deceloping them. Is there demand?. I dont know but I believe that if I hit it with my product I will have a home run. Cheers!.

  2. You never know until you try for sure, if you can validate that people are searching for that solution on Amazon, I’d say go for it. The issue comes in place when no one is looking or Amazon because they don’t know it exists. I believe with items like this, you’ll likely have to do a lot of leg work OUTSIDE Amazon to find success.

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